Our Specialization

VP Technologies, Inc. (VPT) provides technology development, systems design and analysis, platform development and rapid prototyping services for smart cities, web, retail, fintech, energy, environment, agriculture, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare. VPT has a multi-national team of researchers and professionals with diverse skills and expertise. Our team specializes in advanced and emerging technologies including Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Big Data, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.


Technology Solutions

We specialize in developing technology solutions to solve the most challenging problems in Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain and AI.


Systems Design & Analysis

We specialize in designing, analyzing and optimizing IT systems taking into account all the aspects of the systems that need to be created including system architectures, modules, components, interfaces, web services and APIs.


Platform Development

We specialize in designing, analyzing and optimizing cloud-based platforms, data storage and analytics components, and real-time dashboards for wide a range of applications.


Rapid Prototyping

We provide proof-of-concept and rapid prototyping services to help organizations in prototyping their product ideas and bring them to reality

We bring ideas to reality with new and emerging technologies